Natural Bridge Arches Over the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park, BC, in the Canadian Rockies.
Natural Bridge is a limestone rock formation that completely spans the Kicking Horse River near Field, British Columbia. To reach Natural Bridge, drive two miles west of Field on Canada 1 to the Emerald Lake junction. Follow the Emerald Lake road about a mile to another junction for the dead-end access road to the Natural Bridge parking lot. A very short trail leads to the Kicking Horse River where a man-made footbridge spans the river for excellent views of Natural Bridge.

Here is a Parks Canada map of Yoho National Park. Natural Bridge is location number "6" (clickable) on the map. I've also download a more detailed Toporama map for your convenience.

Combine your visit to Natural Bridge with a drive in to beautiful Emerald Lake, location "7" on the Yoho Park map. An easy trail goes completely around the lake and other trails originating at the lake lead to the surrounding high country. Emerald Lake Lodge offers overnight accomodations and fine dining with a lovely view.

While in the area, a stop at the Parcs Canada Visitor Centre in Field is highly recommended. In addition to the usual information about sights and conditions, the display of the bizarre Burgess Shale fossils is fascinating. The Burgess Shales are 500 million year old ocean sediments found above Emerald Lake near Mt. Wapta that contain beautifully preserved and unique fossils of early plants and animals. The discovery of these fossils filled in an important missing link in the fossil record.
Natural Bridge Arches Over the Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park, BC.
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