Mt. Robson Towers over the Robson River, Mt Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada.
The centerpiece of British Columbia's Mount Robson Provincial Park is massive Mount Robson (3954 meters, 12,973 feet), the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. This photo was taken from the Robson River near the Highway 16 bridge, only 11 km ( under 7 miles) from the summit, where the elevation is less than 2700 feet, more than 10,000 feet lower than the summit. The view from here on a clear day is one of the more awe-inspiring sights in North America.

It is, however, a lucky traveler who gets to see this view. Mount Robson is notorious for being cloud-capped. Because of its height and location on the west side of the Rockies, it tends to intercept more than its share of Pacific moisture. I've traveled into the Rockies over Highway 16 about ten times, and I've only seen the summit once.

Mount Robson is also home to an extensive system of glaciers. I have posted a 100% crop (a pixel-for-pixel image) from this photo of just the summit area. This massive glacier is just a tiny fraction of the total ice on the mountain. And this photo by Morgan Kan will give you an idea of what the other side of the mountain looks like.

Mount Robson Provincial Park is adjacent to the northwest flank of Jasper National Park. Along with Jasper, Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks and numerous provincial parks in both B.C. and Alberta, a contiguous body of parkland protects the Canadian Rockies from the United States border halfway to the Yukon, over 700 km. If you include Glacier National Park in Montana, then 800 km, about 500 miles, is protected. This has enormous value in terms of maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem and preserving wildlife travel corridors.

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Mt. Robson Towers over the Robson River in Mount Robson Provincial Park.