Maple kitchen cabinets, maple hardwood floors, and granite countertops.
The traffic flow in this kitchen is well thought out and the builder has located the stainless steel appliances in a compact work triangle. This new home had not been sold when I took this photo, so the refrigerator is missing from the space beside the micrwave and oven.

The countertops in this picture are 12" x 12" black granite tiles, an affordable alternate to slab granite countertops.

The cabinets for this kitchen were custom built for this space by a local cabinet shop. Custom cabinets are generally more expensive than factory-built modular cabinets, but offer the advantage of maximum use of the available space. Modular cabinets usually require the use of some space fillers, and sometimes compromises have to be made in cabinet function.

The cabinets and the flooring are both made out of maple. The builder has specified top grade color matched material for both. Note the absence of streaks of off-color dark wood. It is especially important to watch this issue in hardwood flooring, where there often are several grades of material available.

Even though the builder has chosen a premium grade material for the flooring, note that it still contains more color variation than the cabinets, which is very typical of flooring. In fact, in the most popular flooring woods, four grades are recognized.

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White Maple Kitchen Cabinets and Floor with Black Granite Countertops
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